The story


The story
After five editions of the Festival Prog-Résiste in Soignies, Les Intemporelles is born in 2017 of the desire of four associations to combat the standardization of taste and cultures.
The values
We want to slow down, rediscover our identity and our territory. We want to slowly make choices in a fast-paced world.
The Associations
Alter Ego promotes artists, participates in the Music Day and has produced several Festivals. CCS develops a cultural and creative center in Soignies. CCBLC encourages local cultural initiatives. CCRC is the driving force behind the cultural network in the Central Region and supports dissemination, creation and lifelong learning.
The Product
Music: where does it come from? How was it created? Who are the artists who compose and interpret it? Let's focus on the sensation of listening and Let's encourage the audience to slow down.
The RAW materials
Live performance is at the center of the listening experience: comfortable and accessible. Interview, targeted and deepened, encourages sharing with the musicians. Event highlights an aspect of the experience. Booth allows to go further when you get home. bar-restaurant offers regional, healthy and tasty products.
The user tips
Be curious. Be open. Take time to understand. Take time to feel.
(narrative Label is A Slow Food project.)


In 2013, Festival Prog-résiste form a new partnership: Prog-Résiste A.S.B.L., Alter-Ego A.S.B.L., Centre Culturel de Soignies and the Centre Culturel Régional du Centre and proposes a new project developing 4 axes. Inform: listen and watch artists at the service of progressive music, discover the new paths they are exploring. Encourage meetings: between fans, but also between all the actors of this inimitable world of progressive music. Lead participants to live an experience: in expressing themselves, interacting with the environment that they love, often for years. Finally, permanently anchor this relationship: we wish that each issue allows to progress, to develop this enthusiasm and give the inevitably desire... to come back.