Historique 2019

Les Intemporelles en radio

Nos amis canadiens de Terra Incognita (sur CKRL) ont parlé de notre festival dans leur émission du 16 mars dernier.
Vous pouvez l'écouter en podcast !

De même, l'émission Prog City (sur RQC) a présenté nos artsites le 9 mars dernier (écoutez en podcast).

Ce jeudi 4 avril, ce sera au tour de l'émission Harvest (sur Radio G à Angers) de parler du festival de 22h à 24h00 !

Un bel article sur Sea Song(e)s

A lire sur le site de Rhytmes Croisés !

Sur cet autre article, sur un autre site, un extrait du livre de Philippe Gonin : Robert Wyatt, Rock Bottom auxEditions Densité (Rouen, 2017)

Chromatique chronique Stéphane Galand

Cela se passe ici, ainsi qu'un lien vers un article Guy Stuckens (Cocktail Nouvelle Vague sur Radio Air Libre).  !


Like the three Musketeers, it is to four that SIGHFIRE will occupy the stage of Soignies. Parisian as only an Englishman, a Dane, a Frenchman from Italy and an Egyptian can be, its music is a "beautiful blend of mixing fusion": it brings together libertarian Jazz, emancipated Progressive, Minimalism in loop, disillusioned Slam, World with enthralled enthusiasm.
SIGHFIRE embodies the emergence of mixing time - the true village of the world - and if its music is called Jazz, it is because this term brings together today all those who are looking for forms and timbres in an instrumental practice, usually collective and where improvisation leaves the work open to the world.


In the country of DAFT PUNK, ETIENNE JAUMET is half of ZOMBIE ZOMBIE electro duo. Among other things, he worships LA MONTE YOUNG, the flap cap and Icelandic sheep wool sweater.
With this sparkling 8 Regards Obliques, a new rocket-album in the Jazz constellation, ETIENNE JAUMET takes his foot, talent and creativity at the end of his toes, revisits and pays tribute to his masters - his peers.
From SUN RA (Nuclear War) to MILES DAVIS (Shhh/Peaceful), from ORNETTE COLEMAN (Theme From A Symphony) to DUKE ELLINGTON (Caravan), he propels his freedom of play, interpretation and improvisation, with this playfully spontaneity that characterizes his works, his choices.
The TR 808, the synths, the voice and of course the saxophone, the mix of I:CUBE, angular figure of the label Versatile, if the music of JAUMET explodes the one who ventures to listen to it, the concert, him, put it into orbit - and that's nothing to say it.

Une interview de Stéphane Galland

Une interview de Stéphane Galland sur le site de Jazz Around.

Stéphane Galland

Founding pillar of AKA MOON, one of the most innovative groups of European Jazz, who chisels through a constant reinvention a sound that belongs only to him, STÉPHANE GALLAND has honed his expertise on countless albums and tours around the world. His collaborations transcend genres, from Ibrahim Maalouf to Tigran Hamasiyan via Magic Malik, Doudou N'Diaye Rose or Joe Lovano, Oumou Sangaré or David Linx, Philip Catherine or Toots Thielemans.
STÉPHANE GALLAND & (THE MYSTERY OF) KEM is his new project, ambitious, fertile as the silt of the Nile, soil of color, black, that "Kem" designates in ancient Egypt. His mystery? The paradoxes of this reckless music, with rhythmic which interlock, where complex structures sound simple, where fast patterns sound slow, where the course of musical sentences, like time, is circular.


Authentic art with archaic roots, product of a creative synthesis of Western and African traditions, the Jazz lives a return to the foreground materialized, in England by Shabaka Hutchings, in America by Kamasi Washington. In his recent article on "the Sax Pistol of the new English Jazz", Les Inrocks describes "a scene as flourishing as indefinable, which is characterized by the emergence of new groups that play jazz outside the nails, a rejuvenated audience, and the return of jazz to non-specialized media and festivals".

It is this renewal with multiple variations that Les Intemporelles presents: out of bounds with STEPHANE GALLAND & (THE MYSTERY OF) KEM (Aka Moon), electro with ETIENNE JAUMET (Zombie Zombie), ethnic with SIGHFIRE, progressive with SEA SONG(E) S.